Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twalla Robertson On God and Converting From Lesbianism

“The Lord Jesus Christ saved me, period.” Twalla Robertson explains.

“It wasn’t going to church, it wasn’t reading the bible, and it was based on a self realization and prayer to God.”

Twalla is quite comfortable discussing her recent conversion to conservative Christianity.

“We are all born with certain cravings and desires. Our goals, as children of God, is to control our ‘ID’ desires and give them up to God. For example, I would love to sit down and eat a pound of Chocolate. But that is bad for me.”

Twalla Robertson tries to explain.

“Many women who suffer from lesbianism were victims of sexual abuse as children. Many women were exposed to the wrong amount of hormones as children. Many women just like to be deviant and ‘party’, getting off on the wrongness of lesbianism.”

“I have no problem with women who wants to be lesbians; it’s just not in my agenda. I have no desires for other women. I found it wrong when I lived that lifestyle and I was miserable.”

Twalla goes on: “When I found God and realized his calling for me, I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years. She was very codependent and literally freaked out when we broke up. Her name was Elizabeth Camille Hutto. I feel so sorry for her as her homosexuality, I believe, was based on her being adopted and self esteem issues. Those self esteem issues, ironically, were brought about by the Church of Christ in Alabama.” Twalla Robertson explains.

“I feel so sad for Elizabeth. She won’t let it go. She can’t acknowledge in her mind and heart that I am gone. It’s wild. She goes on the internet, posts blogs about me and my children…disgusting things…she attacks my husband and his business…literally trying to destroy my family and my happiness.” Twalla sadly states.

Much of the bizarre conduct of Twalla Robertson’s ex girlfriend is typical of how former lesbians are treated and ostracized. “From Elizabeth’s behavior, I see now the total mistake lesbianism was in my life. To see the hate, malice, and smear campaign my former girlfriend is waging against me, my family, and my children…well it backs up my first inclination that homosexuality is a sin and lesbianism is a depravity.”

Twalla Robertson’s advice to lesbians: “If you are comfortable living how you are, then stay how you are. Nobody should judge you, that is for God to do. The change I made is a personal one based on my cleansing relationship with Jesus Christ. I will not judge another, that is God’s job.”

“I just got married last year and had a beautiful baby boy. I am so happy!!!”

Good luck to you and your family, Twalla Robertson, and may God bless all of you.